Different Exercises to Correct Bow Legs

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A common problem in early childhood, bow legs are a common affliction that can continue into adulthood. They are characterized by the width between the knees and ankles, as well as the close proximity of the feet and ankles. Although there is no cure for bowlegs, exercises to correct bow legs can help strengthen the muscles and straighten the bones. But there are other options if exercises for the legs are not effective.
Neuromuscular training is another way to correct bow legs in children, and it involves strengthening the muscles around the joints. Neuromuscular training involves stretching one leg and strengthening the muscles that surround it. During one exercise, the arch of the foot touches the outer portion of the knee on the other leg. Another exercise involves straightening the other leg and bending the ankle and pointing the toes. Hold this position for about a minute.
The abductors are active muscles in the hips, and the muscles that help the knees turn inward are activated through this exercise. Another effective exercise for correcting bow legs is to sit in a chair with your feet apart. Then, lie flat on the floor and stretch your knees in a figure-eight fashion. Repeat this exercise 15 times. With the help of a foam roller, you can engage the muscles that pull your knee towards the center.
Bow legs can be caused by weak adductor muscles, which may have been neglected in childhood. If your child is suffering from this condition, you may want to try this exercise. Strengthening the addeductor muscles will assist in aligning the pelvis and the legs in the correct position. These muscles provide support and balance for the pelvis and the legs. You run the risk of having a shaky and unsteady stride if you do not perform this exercise regularly. If this doesn’t help, you should talk to a doctor about your options.

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