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Why is American Football Called Football?

Every sport has a beginning, and commonly, it is that beginning that gives the sport its name. Some games, however, receive their name from a mixture of different factors: geography, rules, source, and its features. American football is exactly the kind of sport that gets its name from a wide array of things. And that’s precisely […]

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How Long is an American Football Field, and Why?

Millions of people around the world like sports, love the players of their favorite sports and watch every game possible. These people memorize players’ names, sizes, weight, and height; some of them are like books about these sports in a way. However, they sometimes don’t know everything, especially the less known yet still vital facts. What […]

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College Football Playoff: How Does It Work?

Through the history things that are so popular nowadays, most of them, had a difficult beginning, with failure and an unattractive profile which engaged lots of people like some of them do now; cases like Disney or apple for example. Going to another point, the American Football has too much to thanks to the College football, […]

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What is a Football Helmet Made of?

Who do not get overwhelming emotions while watching a Football Game on TV, watching those passes flying side by side or all those helmets collating each other? It is almost impossible not to do that. The adrenaline we feel through each quarter is one of the most loved sensations that fanatics can get. But, as you enjoy […]

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How to Become a College Football Coach?

American Football has millions and millions of fans worldwide, many people who want to become professional players, be part of those teams formed by giants. Are you one of them? Know that, there are so many ways to be a part of this game, not only by playing. Both NFL and FBS, for instance, offer a vast field […]

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